Julia is a quick study with far-ranging relationships and a deep understanding of the nonprofit world. She served as our trusted guide as we explored the area DC public education. We feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her.”

Andy Klingenstein
The Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund

“I am eternally grateful to Julia for her incredible generosity, sensitivity, and kindness, helping me to articulate my ideas and put them into action. I appreciate her deep connections with people and organizations, and her gracious follow-up to make sure things are moving forward. I know I would never have launched the Risa Fund without her.

Gail Schonfeld, Founder
Risa Fund

“Julia has spent years building relationships and expertise on the region’s nonprofit community. She understands the big picture and takes into account each client’s unique needs. She draws on this wealth of knowledge to help her clients achieve their giving goals.

Kathy Whelpley, Vice President, Strategic Planning, National Center for Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy

Julia brings invaluable knowledge and good common sense about nonprofits. Her sound judgment on Foundation priorities helps shed more light on discussions which minimizes the heat that often accompanies these discussions. She is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with!”

Robert Lehrman, President
The Jacob & Charlotte Lehrman Foundation, Inc.

“With her extensive knowledge about youth development, Julia’s assistance with our grantmaking has been invaluable. Her understanding about the strengths and challenges of the many organizations under consideration has made our grantmaking decisions more focused and strategic. In addition, Julia has served the nonprofit community as an advisor and has initiated partnerships between a variety of organizations. Julia is indispensable to our foundation and she is a key player in the nonprofit world of DC.

Cathy England, Chair
Lois and Richard England Family Foundation

Julia is insightful, visionary and pragmatic. She understands the big picture while not overlooking the important details. She has served as an excellent strategic thought partner on many projects.”

Anne Dickerson, Co-founder
15 Minute Productions

“Julia is a loving-translator, making connections and changing lives. For years, Julia has had this amazing ability to guide us in taking steps to strengthen our organizational infrastructure without making us feel “less than” or “inadequate”. There were times when Julia would suggest changes that challenged us. However, every recommendation was on target and contributed to much of the efficiency we enjoy and benefit from today. Last but not least, Julia gets it.”

Mary Brown, Founder
Life Pieces to Masterpieces

“Some philanthropic advisors are good, but Julia is great. Over our years of working together in connection with Food & Friends, Julia has been consistently helpful to us, clearly communicating the values, focus and priorities of her clients. Also she has ably conveyed to her clients the mission, programs and needs of Food & Friends. Her candor and positive attitude have been an incredible asset to my organization and me. She melds strategic perspective with unswerving personal compassion.”

Craig Shniderman, Executive Director
Food & Friends